The Executive Director of Foundation, calls Kiringai ( VACID Africa's President)to the Global Experts Network


It is with humility and gratitude to Miguel Raimilla and the Global Telecentre movement that he represents that I humbly take this call to the telecentre hall of fame through this letter.

I would like to encourage all that do small things that they are passionate about to pursue the same diligently and with a focus on changing lives without expectations...through this communication, I can affirm that someone out there notices... I will in the coming days highlight in this blog how I came to get involved in the telecentre movement...

Here is the invitation that will definitely transform my focus on the things I share about in all my ICT4D and ICT4Ag engagement...

I invite all my followers to share this moment of joy with me...

Dear Mr. Kiringai Kamau,

It is with great pleasure that I announce an invitation from Foundation to you to become a member ofTCF’s Global Experts Network, a selected group of individuals like you, who have dedicated many years of experience to work in the fields of ICT4D and Telecentres. You are professionals from every corner of the world who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to bring technology to the grassroots level in innovative ways and create community empowerment and social and economic development along with it. We want the world to know YOU!

Today it is critical to highlight the collective knowledge, expertise, and capacity available within our global community of professionals. So many important landmarks have been reached, and it is important to demonstrate that we can contribute much more. That’s why the Foundation believes that by increasing the visibility of the people who are responsible for the achievements our community has attained (YOU!), the entire movement can gain higher recognition among ICT4D stakeholders, and new opportunities will arise.

As a member of TCF’s Global Experts Network, you'll have the opportunity to contribute in high-level discussions with many ICT4D players, and become part of key negotiations with the private sector and other international organizations. With your help, TCF aims to position Telecentres as effective channels for community development, innovation, job and educational opportunities, and a positive engine for the transformation of society.

We’d like to start your involvement with TCF’s Global Experts Network by highlighting your personal journey with Telecentres, and sharing it with the global community at Spark 13, in Granada, Spain.

While in Granada, we’ll discuss more details about the goals and opportunities for the TCF Global Experts Network. Here is a link ( to a short survey, to help us build your profile. The survey includes a short set of questions created to capture the highlights of your work with Telecentres. In addition to the survey, we would like to have a picture of you, and we also invite you to prepare a short video message (3 minutes max) describing your vision for the future of Telecentres: - What’s coming? - How are Telecentres going to be in the future? – How do we get there? Although the video is certainly a nice way to share your ideas, it is not required. Please make sure you send your responds before May 03.

Once again, many thanks for being an important part of our global network. We really appreciate the many years of work YOU! have given our community, and we look forward to having you as an active member of TCF’s Global Experts Network.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

With best regards,

Miguel Raimilla

Executive Director Foundation


Comment by Amos Thiongo yesterday

Dear Kamau,

This is a great achievement. Congratulations and lots of success in the responsibility ahead. Its all about doing the best we can, no matter how small. Hope we in Agri-Hub will continue sharing your very resourceful insights.

For More of the Information Visit Here

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