VACID Africa Sponsors (AF-MIP) Agriculture Food & Market Information Portal



This is an initiative funded by VACID Africa in an effort to implement the AVAAC model. Africa on the whole needs to have a model that is quick to respond to Food Security, Marketing Policy and Value Chain analysis in the Agriculture Sector. VACID Africa has taken the leading step to set up AF-MIP. With this portal , VACID Africa seeks to link up with various major stakeholder in the Agricultural Sector both Locally and International to voice the huddles and offer solution in the agricultural sector.

Below are some of the Features that AF-MIP will have

  • Livestock Prices

categories are mainly >Cattle, Pigs, Goats, Sheep, Camels and Donkeys

  • Livestock Products prices

Products are in three categories

-Meat Categories: Beef, Pork, Goat,Mutton

-Poultry Categories: Chicken Broilers, Chicken Layers,Ducks,Geese,Turkey

-Fish Categories: Tilapia, Cod, Omena, Nile Perch, Salmon, Herrin

  • Agricultural other Products prices

Products are into two categories

-Dairy Products Categories: Milk,Ghee,Butter, Cheese

-Bee Products Categories: Honey, Wax

  • SMS query and subscription for prices.
  • GIS Price Location
  • SMART Phone application for download ( currently Adroid version support )
  • E-commerce
  • Discussion Forums


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