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Who is AKIN?

AKIN Africa is the Agricultural Knowledge and Incubation Network in Africa for Africa's knowledge workers. The network brings together professionals and service providers in the agricultural value chain, seeking to create sustainable institutions along the agricultural value chain. The network is supported by VACID Africa Institute and its partners who include Cisco Entrepreneur Institute and telecentre.org

Our objective

To create knowledge based enterprises along the agricultural value chain and support such enterprises through incubation to become sustainable cottage industries.

How to achieve this objective

We shall promote sustainability driven collaboration between professionals, development partners, governments and community enterprises. We shall integrate ICTs and related knowledge resources into what communities and their partners do. We shall promote digital villages, telecentres, knowledge centers or whatever term is used to describe community technology institutions at the grassroots. We shall support these initiatives by integrating knowledge resources developed and supported by our partners including Cisco Entrepreneur Institute, telecentre.org, IDIA, FARA, among others.

Our networking approach

We shall hold online discussions using Cisco supported WebEx solution, convene conferences and workshops and research dissemination symposia in the areas of agriculture, value chains, knowledge and incubation.

How to participate

This is a moderated network with the umbrella network being based at defined geographic regions. Country and regional chapters of the network will be encouraged so that local issues are discussed at the local level. Where a local chapter seeks insight from other regions or countries facilitators from those countries will be invited to participate through online discussion or workshop oriented participation.

Our Operational Model:

Text Box:  We shall work in collaboration with researchers, financiers, corporations, youth initiatives, governments, development partners and educational and knowledge institutions.

Our focus is to create an enterprise network that will support knowledge and incubation centers that are owned and driven by agricultural common interest collective action associations.

Host institutions of these centers may be government, community or research and leaning institution based...You are invited

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