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VACID Africa Telecentre model /Collaboration and Partnerships

Collaboration and Partnerships
Octagon Data Systems Limited
In order to ensure sustainability, our model of community enterprises is such that we identify complementary activities that ensure that community enterprises are supported through innovation in collaborative efforts by streamlined synergistic value chain efforts. We use the technology business model that VACID Africa has evolved as a collaborative effort with Octagon Data Systems Limited, itself an incubation effort of WillPower that promotes agricultural ICT support services.

TSBF Institute of CIAT
While this partnership promotes the creation of telecentre adoption at community level and hence the adoption of cost effective business structures, it is the research in soils and nutrition of CIAT-TSBF that makes our development initiative such a sustainable model in the development of agriculture. Through this collaboration, which has been in force since 2006, VACID Africa’s community enterprise network and extension support infrastructure promotes the health and nutrition efforts of CIAT TSBF so that this institute is able to put research into use.

UNIDO’s Private Sector Programme
UNIDO is the technical arm of the United Nations and seeks to promote the formation of industries in member countries. In Sub Sahara Africa, UNIDO’s efforts seek to promote agri-businesses in with linkage to processing and markets in line with what VACID Africa does. Being an up-scaled focus of a UNIDO programme, VACID Africa seeks to promote entrepreneurship, post-harvest processing, quality assurance in processing and branding and market linkage. The efforts are geared towards achieving the millennium development goals in their totality.

WillPower Incubation and Research
WillPower Enterprise Development Limited, the business that is credited with integrating ICT and Development through field data capture solutions, that then became Octagon Data Systems Limited, was created as a small enterprise counseling outfit to support a DFID programme on business startup and growth perspectives. The technology leaning founder of WillPower realized that much as he may have had the right skills and knowledge in ICT, there was need to work under the tried hands of a business counselor or mentor thereby registering for a programme in small business start and business growth. After the experience, the DFID supported programme realized the need to promote the founder as a business counselor. It is out of this that the technology business became a technology adoption business and as time passed, it has become a business of incubating others and researching on perspectives for sustainable enterprises, at both the community and individual level. It is out of this focus that VACID Africa is supported by professionals who are themselves under incubation to create community business support initiatives.

Government of Kenya – Ministry of Agriculture’s Agricultural Training Centers
The Ministry of Agriculture was a collaborative ministry in the post harvest management programme of WillPower and UNIDO where a partnership programme was mooted with WillPower and the Ministry. After the programme ended, the two organizations continued exploring potential for collaboration out of which a programme has been evolved to link VACID Africa’s CIG promotion efforts with the Ministry’s Agricultural Training Centers (ATCs). Through this initiative, the Ministry has challenged VACID Africa to develop telecentre supported value addition centers of learning and technology adoption. VACID Africa has therefore written to the Ministry of Finance and other development partners to seek support for the creation of telecentres; with the Ministry of Agriculture offering the land where the ATCs stand as inputs to the collaborative effort as the face of the learning perspective that VACID will be promoting.

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