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We support communities to create value addition so that the wealth from their work can generate resources that they can manage at their level and using our community enterprise perspective, we support communities create money from which they can pay for the services they receive from service providers, ourselves included. We therefore ensure that what we do with farmers is paid, either immediately or in the long run using resources that they create through their value added services.

Indeed, Value Addition and Cottage Industry Development in Africa i(VACID Africa) s the full name of VACID Africa. We are an outcome of a 2003-2005 Government of Kenya, UNIDO, and WillPower Enterprise Development (WillPower)’s 3-year programme on post harvest managed agribusiness initiative on Women Enterprise Development (WED) Programme. During the programme we created agricultural value addition initiatives in Meru and Mtwapa in Kenya, with the cereals and banana value addition initiatives still operational today in the hands of the farmers who continue to run these initiatives as sustainable community enterprises.

In this project, we focused on the agricultural commodities available in these two project locations, where we formed the view that creating an Africa-wide Value Addition and Cottage Industry Development in Africa (VACID Africa) thinking will help realize the goals of that project in a more enhanced focus. The project focus was to address the three critical Millennium Development Goals (MDGs #1, #3, #8), while at the same time promoting the participation of women and youth in socio-economic development through:
1. Support to entrepreneurs, both at start-up and those in business, in transforming their ventures into competitive enterprises, generating income and employment through improved production;
2. Affiliating existing enterprises to an institutional mechanism for business support services for women and youth entrepreneurs through linkages with various public and private institutions.
3. Promotion of supportive initiatives for product development and subsequent branding to achieve market linkage for wealth creation came out of the realization that more value

With the termination of the WED Programme, WillPower formed the view that it made sense to continue doing the work of supporting smallholders. To accommodate this new thinking WillPower split its business to retain its own focus on enterprise development and SME incubation, while Octagon Data Systems Limited was formed to continue WillPower’s Work in the promotion of the adoption of ICTs for Agriculture. VACID Africa was formed to continue with the work undertaken in the collaboration and outscale the WillPower-UNIDO initiative in supporting community to create wealth through value chain linked activities and focusing on sustainable development thinking as well as undertaking research on community businesses initiatives.

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