This is an association for all the Fish farming groups in Nyeri County that will be enhancing
production, processing, value addition and marketing of Fish and Fish products.
Fish refers to any gill bearing aquatic animal that lacks limbs with digits. By humans, Fish
is primarily seen as an important source of food.
Fish farming is the most common form of aquaculture and involves raising fish
commercially in ponds, tanks or ocean enclosures usually for food.
The GoK and other initiatives are encouraging Fish farming as a way of enhancing food
security nationally.

VACID Africa Initiatives for Fish Farming in Nyeri County

As a service provider, VACID Africa has in store the following to enhance Fish Farming in
Nyeri County:

1. Community Kitchen Initiative
A number of activities will be taking place in this kitchen which include;
• Fish collection and weighing point
• Fish preservation
• Storage point
• Sales point
• Eatery and cooking demonstration and training point
• Fish processing and value addition point

2. Diversification of Cooked Fish products
• Fried fish
• Steamed fish
• Roasted fish
• Boiled fish
• Fish balls
• Filleted fried fish

3. Value added Fish Products for the wider Market
• Dried Fish
• Smoked Fish
• Sundried
• Fish flour
• Fish flour blends/ composites
• Protein dense foods
• Animal feeds

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