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VACID Africa supports the creation of enterprises mainly by communities and hence supports Community Enterprise Development. When a community forms that they can create a business around what they do, then they form a community enterprise. In social setups where people come together as social groups, as cooperatives, as common interest groups for the purpose of forming enterprises they form community enterprises. While VACID Africa may be keen and have the ability to support any and all enterprise thoughts it is the agricultural enterprise that makes us work to create enterprises through our thinking of Aquaculture, Value Addition, Agribusiness and Knowledge Centers whose model is displayed here.

But it is important to understand the terminology of enterprise itself. From our experience, the creation of new enterprises, redevelopment of existing ones so that they are infused with new thinking, the funding of existing enterprises so that they can leap frog their existence to a higher level, the incubation of ideas to create businesses and any activities straddling between are what forms enterprise development.

all these called accelerating such an enterprise, or many activities in between. The critical issue is that it relies on ideas that create sustainable enterprise initiatives that respond to fulfilling a need in either the consumer or B2B market

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