This integrates ICT Learning with Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness and Cottage industry development Knowledge
  • The Foundation Entrepreneur training assesses the preparedness of the learner in undertaking a programme in entrepreneurship It is a 5 Days of 8 Hours Training programme that assesses the knowledge base of the learner, their capacity to develop and grow an enterprise vision and the skill sets that will form the foundation to encouraging them to proceed with the other programmes.The course is an interactive (40 Hours) course with mentorship and organizational learning.
  • Businesses start and fail as fast as they are started for lack of the right sklills and preparedness. The preparedness comes from training, backed by mentorship and coaching. We do not just train, we incubate businesses and coach the owners to follow known paths to survival.

    Join this programme to start your own business by learning through a pace that is determined by your speed and which leaves you with cases studies you can review as regularly as you can once the course duration expires. This is a high intensity seven week (55 Hours) course

    • Many businesses are started to create employment for the owner. To many business owners, investment and wealth creation using the business is not an immediate focus. At VACID Africa Institute, we understand this. We take the business owners through a phase of re-dreaming their first dream, backed with cases studies of successes where people have run global businesses that were started not with enormous resources but the skill-base that the knowledge owners that created the businesses had. Growing a business is indeed a product of managing resources that are efficiently and effectively packaged in a measurable fashion.
      We help business owners learn what processes to pout in place to help them create businesses that employ others rather than just themselves and create wealth for them, whether or not they are involved in the running of those businesses. This is a high intensity five week (38 hours) course

  • The Enterprise Essentials workshop is a leadership and management course designed with the objective of demonstrating the value of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to owners, non-IT managers, and leaders in for-profit businesses, whether they are small, medium, or large. The programme is specifically designed to empower leaders and "agents of change" by equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to create a lasting business impact within their organization.This is a high intensity seven week (52 hours) course
  • The Public Sector Essentials course addresses the skills and competency gaps that governments and other public sector organizations need to fully participate in a global networked economy.This is a high intensity seven week (52 hours) course.