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VACID Africa's President's Statement


Value Addition and Cottage Industry Development in Africa (VACID Africa) is a social enterprise that promotes the integration of knowledge and ICTs in the practice of agricultural value chain development. Our vision is to create communities that are empowered and financially stable. We seek to achieve this through our mission of promoting knowledge sharing in technology, innovation and nutrition for wealth creation.

We appreciate that value chains are founded in the creation of an agribusinesses that support pre-production, production, and post harvest businesses owned by farmers whom we support to adopt paradigms for production, processing, and consumption. We achieve this by offering value added services to educate farmers and their leaders on sustainable and good agricultural practices. We support the farmer organizations to market their produce ensuring that the best market for any agricultural produce in its raw or processed form is the utilization of the produce for nutrition and health enhancement b y the producers themselves.

We support communities to create the organisations that make the value chain the success that we envision. You are invited to join us in this effort in whatever level of operation you are at. Welcome!

:Founder and President of VACID Africa (Mr. Kiringai Kamau)

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