Spark13, Granada Spain Today and part of changing the world


Two remarkably transformative meetings are taking place today one where VACID Africa is involved is in Granada, Spain today. The second which while we were invited we did not have any role rather than participation is the ICT conference in Kenya where the engagement of the private sector and the government in the perspective of devolution is taking place in Mombasa. Both events are important and in that they are exploring models of making ICTs work for the people.

See the Spark13 is presented in our downloadable model found at <>on our ICT4D and ICT4Ag model. It is presented here to help the participants appreciate how we seek to empower communities using ICTs and agriculture as the basis of promoting natural resource, wealth and power as is well put my's chair and Microsoft's Vice President, Badshah in devex <> “They say that if you give a person a fish, they eat for a day and when you teach a man to fish, you feed them for life. But what we’re doing goes further than that. At some point people get tired of eating fish every day! But if you teach them how to sell that fish, you’ve now introduced the concept of sustainability — you’ve gone beyond the issue of sustenance towards sustainability.”

We keep seeing for organizations and governments in Africa that are seeking a model that is mentored through our online learning platforms to embrace the all empowering model of the RAVAAK to harness the power of a community's resourcefulness in creating community based businesses that exploit the local value chains as the basis of their sustainability while using ICTs that we guide on how to embrace.

Join us the discussions in Granada through the online platforms as you also join us in promoting the creation of producer-based enterprises through the RAVAAK model.


Kiringai Kamau
Founder, Value chain Analyst and Knowledge Specialist
VACID Africa, Nairobi-Kenya
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