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Social Businesses in Africa


Transforming the Social Businesses in Africa
If you are running a community programme or a cooperative, you may need to think how effective you are in meeting your community wealth creation and social empowerment goals.

We have thought through the issues that affect communities more and have now mapped technology and business thinking to what makes communities disempowered. When you use our approach and still fail to empower your communities, we shall give you an ward that we shall give you the prerogative to identify…

VACID Africa is leading the corporatization of cooperatives in Kenya by supporting the integration of business incubation and ICT centres at the cooperatives. Our focus is to create ICT centres that support the automation needs of the cooperative while at the same time incubating the youth to use ICTs for development. Our model rides on what communities have always done at social and economic level and would like you to fill the form available at this link so that we can guide you on how to achieve the focus of our Franchise model.

>>>Join us online as we discuss these possibilities.

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