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Intel Easy Steps


Empowering with Digital Literacy

Empowering with Digital LiteracyProgram overview

The Intel® Learn Easy Steps program addresses the needs of adults and youth around the world who seek to learn basic digital literacy skills. Its simple instructional approach teaches basic computer literacy, which is a key 21st century skill, enabling enhanced social and economic self-sufficiency.

Intel Learn Easy Steps content is simple, practical, and relevant, and is based on adult learning research. It can be delivered in formal or informal education settings. Participants acquire basic computer skills that are locally appropriate, and that support multiple hardware and software solutions. Intel provides the content free of charge to governments and NGOs, who manage local implementation.



Intel Learn Easy Steps curriculum includes a Basic Course, Activity Cards, and a Help Guide.

  • The Intel Learn Easy Steps Basic Course is designed to be delivered as a facilitated course that is modular and highly flexible.  Participants “learn by doing,” completing products and activities that they can start to use immediately. The first five modules provide training in practical skills such as word processing, spreadsheets, Internet, and email.  Additional optional modules focus on Internet-based tools, and how to apply basic software applications to employment and entrepreneurship. The full course has fourteen modules, each containing approximately 2 hours of instruction.
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