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Community Development


VACID Africa support Community development by involving the local citizens and professionals to build stronger and more resilient local communities.We collaborate with government initiatives that focus on the creation of grassroots institutions as vehicles for achieving localized agriculture driven development goals. Our Programmes are driven towards sustainable agriculture within community.As an organization, we support communities to identify their resourcefulness ,which is the point of engagement with our service providers.

VACID Africa understands the manner in which we develop and redevelop our communities can have significant and long ranging impacts on our economic competitiveness, social and environmental health. We therefore put into consideration and work towards the major features of sustainable community development, each of which can help in the planning and implementation of sustainable communities.

  • -Ecological Protection
  • -Density & Urban Design
  • -Urban Infill
  • -Village Centres
  • -Local Economy
  • -Sustainable Transport
  • -Affordable Housing
  • -Livable Community
  • -Sewage & Stormwater
  • -Water
  • -Energy
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