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AgriFood Processors


VACID Africa stands for value addition and cottage industry development in Africa. It supports the value addition in the food value chain. Agro processing is therefore a critical activity of VACID Africa with Agrifood processing forming a big portion of the activities carried out by VACID Africa and its stakeholders. VACID Africa incubates communities and private investors to engage with agrifood processing taking them through the health and safety training in processing and packaging. Since the formation of VACID Africa as an outcome of a UNIDO project that focused on food processing and the creation of businesses as intermediators to the marketing of the foods, the number of VACID Agrifood processors has increased and continues to grow. A large majority of foods promoted as packaged raw or processed foods in Kenya’s supermarket as flows, herbal drinks, oils and nuts are products of a VACID Africa Institute graduate or affiliate.

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