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Our business model is a sustained learning outcome of our work in development work. As part of our sustainability-focus, our staffs undertake development assignments to support our partners’ work. The engagements help involve technology implementation projects which form the foundation of our Resource, Aquaculture, Value Addition, Agribusiness and Knowledge (KnowEat Hub) Centers Network. KnowEat Hub Centre carries out the activities if the components depicted in our business model. As we crate the centers, which are only starting at the moment, we intend to create an organic network that will participate in intern-network trade and mutual support.

Some of our continuing and or concluded projects include some of which are a precursor to what advised the creation of VACID Africa are listed below:
1.    Agripreneurship Curriculum Development for the Agricultural Technical Vocational Education and Training (ATVET) of the GIZ/CAADP ATVET Programme, ongoing
2.    Livestock Value Chains organizational strategic planning and optimization for the pastoralist communities in Kenya, for the KCB Foundation, ongoing
3.    Agricultural Value Chain Finance Baseline and Organizational Development Study for Finance South Sudan
4.    Value Chain Finance and Development Support to the Kenya Cooperative Bank engagement with smallholder agricultural producers in the livestock value chain
5.    Collaboration Continuing development of water resources and resource management programmes in Eastern Province and Nyanza
6.    Conservation agriculture support to CIGs in line with the CAADP ATVET Programme
7.    Ongoing establishment of Fish Value Chain KnowEat Hub in Nyeri County under KAPAP Nyeri RSU
8.    Ongoing establishment of Fruits Value Chain in Taita County under the KAPAP Wundanyi RSU
9.    Ongoing establishment of the Webuye KnowEat Hub with support from the Webuye CDF in conjunction with Winrock’s Yes Youth Can Western Programme of USAID
10.    Sustainability modelling and capacity building of the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) (2011)
11.    Identification of Business Models based on Agricultural Value Chains in Kenya, FAO Kenya (2011), Kenya
12.    Establishment of Cisco Entrepreneur Institute’s presence in Eastern Africa, Cisco Systems Inc (2010), Kenya
13.    Evaluation of SMEs for the Kenya Institute of Management Annual Business Awards (KABA), Kenya Institute of Management (2008), Kenya
14.    Implementation of Capacity of Service Providers and Extension Agents for the Kenya Agricultural Productivity Project, Government of Kenya/World Bank (2008-2009), Kenya
15.    Strategic business planning and integration of ICTs in operational management – East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA), East Africa Tea Trade Association (2010), Kenya
16.    Development of a Content Management System for Kenya Film Commission, Kenya ICT Board/Kenya Film Commission (2010), Kenya
17.    Commercialization of CIAT-TSBF Soybean Research in Nyanza and Western Kenya, CIAT/TSBF (2008-2010), Kenya
18.    Communication strategy and training of Farmer Federations in Eastern Africa on the need to create sustainable enterprises in their farmer organizations, Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF), (2010), Kenya
19.    Institutional strengthening of smallholder dairy farmer organizations in Kenya, Various Clients, Since 2006, Africa
20.    Kenya Women Entrepreneurship Development, UNIDO/GoK (2004-2006), Kenya
21.    Mwezi Kali Business Development Programme, British Council/DfID, (1998-2001), Kenya

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