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ICT Synergies

Effective communication remains the only pillar for value added chains; the basis of value addition is the ability to co-ordinate players in the chain. This is accomplished through the use of available modes of communication.

The establishment of resource centres in all Agro Processing Zone so as to provide much needed information.

The following Strategies are proposed:

  1. Audio and visual: these vehicles that will assist remote areas where literacy levels are very low; the launching of radios and television sets will assist the value chain in co-ordination and mobilization of resources. This will also assist in disaster preparedness promoting awareness. The equipment will be positioned at all strategic centres such as schools, clinics, community halls and business centres.
  2. Telephones: Internet and basic telephone requirements are important if we are to develop value addition that is effective in accomplishing the stated mandates.
  3. Posters and Flyers: this is very effective in communities with high levels of literacy.

Resource Development

VACID Africa - Zimbabwe focuses on material and technology development in Agro Processing zones, the following are the elements of resource development:

a) Research and Development

b) Systems modification and design

c) Skills development

Research and Development

Value chain co-ordination is based on developing existing processing and research into processes that ensures full optimization of resources.

We are interested in developing experiences of communities and not to forge new agro business ideas, we understand that what they know is the key point to develop functional value chains.

The construction of cottage industries in rural areas will be based on strong basis of research into low cost building materials.

It is vital for VACID Africa - Zimbabwe to establish a strong understanding on how we can incorporate the communities into these research programmes by allowing communities to contribute to the establishment of such programmes.

As VACID Africa - Zimbabwe, we are strongly rooted into optimization of resources hence all our research and development will be strongly based on environmental assessment impacts. We consider water, energy and natural resources conservation.

Systems modification and Design

Community based system design will be the corner stone of systems modification and design; we will gather data from communities and incorporate them in our systems development strategies. This will ensure that we develop systems that are community oriented.

Skills Development

Communities will be engaged in skills development so that they will be able to meet the new demands in value addition.

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