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VACID Africa - Zimbabwe Programmes

VACID Africa - Zimbabwe, programmes are community focus based. We develop existing ideas or projects so as to add value to the value addition chain.

We link community strength in adding value to development of agro based projects. We train and establish resource centre for various programmes in different communities, we understand that the key element for sustainable community focus is rooted in knowledge dissemination; hence we incorporate ICTs in all programmes.

We establish communities' synergies by resources identification and linkages so as to ensure optimum provision of required resources. VACID Africa - Zimbabwe incorporates university students in research and development of community based programmes so as to equip graduates with entrepreneurship skills.

Role of VACID Africa - Zimbabwe in Programmes

VACID Africa - Zimbabwe will analyse gaps in communities and establish strategies to bridge such gap so as to achieve total optimization of resources.

Our Directorate is equipped with essential skills and energy to ensure the full utilization of resources, in our communities.

Directorate will formulate strategies basing on community operating environment. We will not forge in new agro processing concepts but to enhance the utilisation of available resources.

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