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We are a collaborative social enterprise organization. We are registered as an international not-for-profit organization or benefit driven social enterprise. We support the creation of income generating businesses that pay for any services rendered to them. We work with governments and development-based organizations, which pay for our time to support communities.

We identify our partners on the basis of the convergence of their focus with ours. We have found partners who support our work in the components of our collaborative business model shown above and which are guided by our core strengths and focus areas of:
1. Food, Technologies, and Nutrition.
2. Collaboration, Innovation, and ICTs.
3. Education, Research, and Knowledge.
4. Entrepreneurship, Training, and Incubation.

Our methodology is to use the value chains as the basis of identifying opportunities and hence benefits to all stakeholders in our programmes.
We link with partners who add value to what we do with our value chain engagements. Our current portfolio of partners is aligned to the various components listed above against which we list partners in table below:

  • University of Nairobi ( LARMAT "Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology " Department) Link >> Click here

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