Courses That We Offer


Courses That We Offer

VACID Africa Institute is an international knowledge institution that integrates ICT Learning with entrepreneurship, agribusiness and cottage industry development.

We acknowledge that learning in most of the developing economies is skewed towards skills formation and development. We also acknowledge that skills need an infrastructure within which they need to be exploited productively. Indeed, skills alone have to be interwoven with the operating economic fibre of their location for employability. Employability of skills, whether by an existing organization or one created by the person possessing the skill is very much dependent on what tools one has available to them. This is where ICT knowledge, business knowledge and entrepreneurship come in. Providing an operating environment such as a productive sector like agriculture, education, health, nutrition, transport or any other is a requirement.

VACID Africa Institute is a product of research and integration of productive sector focus to the policy directions of national economies. We have designed courses with our partners to create relevance in skill orientation by mixing this with technologies. We have formed collaborations that will expose all our learners to what can enable them create sustainable wealth/employment generation vehicles – their own businesses.

Starting a Business

Businesses start and fail as fast as they are started for lack of the right sklills and preparedness. The preparedness comes from training, backed by mentorship and coaching. We do not just train, we incubate businesses and coach the owners to follow known paths to survival.

Join this programme to start your own business by learning through a pace that is determined by your speed and which leaves you with cases studies you can review as regularly as you can once the course duration expires. This is a high intensity seven week (55 Hours) course

After participants have completed this course they should be able to:

After participants have completed this course they should be able to:

IExec Enterprise Essentials

The iExec Enterprise Essentials workshop is a Cisco leadership and management course designed with the objective of demonstrating the value of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to owners, non-IT managers, and leaders in for-profit businesses, whether they are small, medium, or large. The programme is specifically designed to empower leaders and "agents of change" by equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to create a lasting business impact within their organization.This is a high intensity seven week (52 hours) course

After participants have completed this course they should be able to:

iExec Public Sector Essentials
The iExec Public Sector Essentials course addresses the skills and competency gaps that governments and other public sector organizations need to fully participate in a global networked economy.This is a high intensity seven week (52 hours) course.
After participants have completed this course they should be able to:
Describe the global trends and impact of the internet and information Technology (IT) on governments.
Explain the government and eGovernment drivers
Describe various strategies to increase productivity, efficiency, innovation, and service delivery and create a Networked Virtual Organization (NVO).
Explain the concepts of IT governance
Asses your organization readiness and explain the need for readiness planning.
Describe the uses and value of internet-enabled solutions in improving government processes.
Perform an external and internal situation analysis
Create an e-government vision for success
Apply the principles of portfolio planning and management
Identify and prioritize opportunities for process improvement using the internet and IT.
Describe the importance of change management to the success of your internet and IT initiatives
Recognize when and how to build a business case.

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